The Autonomic System

The” meerkat” is your lookout system, called the amygdala. It is always watching out for your safety – if it detects any sign of danger, hardship or danger, it signals to your hypothalamus, ( your body brain) to automatically throw you into survival mode ( fight, flight, freeze) to prepare you for action. It is this system which is running amok when we get caught in the sickness loop, such as when we suffer from post viral fatigue syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome ( M.E) or Long Covid Symptoms ( that are not due to physical damage to tissues or joints). When the protective system is on, the anti-inflammatory system needed to heal, is compromised. To recover, once you have fought off the initial infection, you need to give the all clear signal that it is safe to recover. Any caution, danger, threat or fear of symptoms/ activity and response to activity or mobilisation will not send the all clear signal that you are safe. My big tip is, always be mindful what you are telling this ” meerkat”, that is over protective now, with your body language, posture, gestures, tone of voice and expressions. Practise feeding back really healthy expressions, tone, gestures and posture as you approach anything, so choose something manageable and celebrate, letting it know ” you are back”!

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