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Having achieved a BSc Honours in Psychology, a Diploma in Stress Management, with Distinctions, and a PGCE in teaching, I spent my working life enabling people to make the changes they want, offering practical stategies and tools for change. I also lectured in Health and Social Care for many years.

Four free videos from “ Reset to Thrive Training Programme” are available on this website and YouTube. Coming Soon! Watch this space...

Following repetitive post viral fatigue from contracting the common cold, I eventually crashed with M.E ( as it was called in those days) but because my background was in health and social care, I realised what had happened to me and was therefore able to recognise what I needed to do to recover. There is no magic to recovery, it is following specific steps and strategies and recognising what things are actually getting in the way of the body naturally healing.

I lost my original career because the current belief about CFS by specialists, is that we will always have relapses. I did have one major relapse, and it taught me that it isn’t enough to get physically better. It took another elapse to make me realise that I had to change many things to get permanent health back and to never relapse again. I wrote the book to share with you not only how to recover but how to never have relapses again and to stay healthy. I haven’t had symptoms in many years, I don’t manage my life or pace to stay healthy- true recovery is getting back to a completely normal, healthy life. That is the mission of my book, “Breaking Free: A Guide to recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Long Covid”,  to show you how to get back to normal. It is applicable to Burnout, Tired All the Time, Fibromyalgia, post viral fatigue and for anyone wanting to Thrive again.

Once fully recovered I went on to create the “Reset Training” in 2013, a recovery programme for chronic fatigue syndrome/ M.E, post viral fatigue and other patterns used by an overactive defence system. Later, Alex Howard of the Optimum health Clinic, in 2021 then called his online programme ” Reset Training”, so I renamed my online recovery training programme, “Reset to Thrive”, which actually describes your desires even better. Having been bedridden with myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E) / CFS, I am passionate about showing others how to recover, at a cost they can afford, which is probably a unique aspect of this training programme compared to other compatible recovery training programmes. ( My background is in public services, so I am passionate that everyone should have access to health information and practises).

Four free videos from“ Reset to Thrive Training Programme” is available on this website and YouTube.

Want to know more on The Science?

I determined to write a book, letting people know they can recover because I was amazed by how many professionals and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) specialists tell us we can’t recover from CFS.Unfortunately about 25% of people with Long Covid are estimated to have a diagnosis of CFS. I recovered on my own because I understood what was happening and how to correct it: I went on to help hundreds of people to recover, so I wanted to send a message to millions that you can recover. The book explains the science behind CFS, different perspectives about the illness and offers a step by step guide to recovery and staying healthy. It is for anyone suffering from any type of fatigue, including Burnout and Tired All the Time and for those who feel they are struggling to keep going, surviving not thriving. ( hard to put it all into one title!) “Breaking Free: A Guide to Recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Long Covid”. Out now.

I would say my main driver is a deep desire to make changes in the M.E/ CFS world, so that it will become normal in mainstream practise to treat CFS as a recoverable illness, once people have the understanding and tools they need to recover.  Having had the illness and nearly had life destroyed by the illness, I want to give everyone who wants to recover, the tools and understanding to recover. There is more to life than just surviving and the book shows what it takes to thrive, be robust, resilient and stay healthy.